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Original post date: Saturday, October 13, 2007

So I am currently super pumped. Not about the game tomorrow against the Red Wings, even though I AM excited for that. This post is dedicated to my successful attempt at bullying (convincing, really) KMS2 to go to "Hockey and High Heels" with me. This is an event put on by the LA Kings on October 27th in an attempt to have a group of females spend the entire day at the Staples Center. At first glance the flyer for the event seems specifically geared toward only women who don't know much or anything about the game. But when I emailed the woman, Hillary, who is putting it on, she assured me that she wanted a diverse group of women present (diverse meaning different levels of knowledge). I have added my letter to Hillary and her response at the end of this post.

I have heard the complaints that this event is demeaning to all of us hardcore female hockey fans. I would have to agree and disagree at the same time. I'm not going to take it personally because this is advertised is such a way to get women out to the Staples Center who might feel a little intimidated. If I didn't grow up around hockey since I was a little kid, I'd be happy that there was an event like this to warmly welcome a specific group of women. Elly of “No Pun Intended” has some good opinions on the matter, but I would argue the end of her second paragraph.

Would you include a talk on what the neutral zone is to a room full of male hockey fans? No. If you did, I'd bet money that they would find it insulting, why should women fans feel any different? We don't need our hands held through games, thank you.

I would 100% agree with this if this event were catered to women like us who love the game; but it is not. Once again, this is geared towards women with less than stellar knowledge for this game. Are you going to turn your nose up to women who have a genuine interest and who are willing to shell out the $100? Pish posh, I say get as many people out to the Staples Center as possible; create a buzz. The market for hockey is tremendous in LA, but I'd like it to grow so that KMS2 and I aren't the only females we personally know who worship, not the ice these players skate on, but THE GAME. I, personally, am very interested to see how they are going to present this sport to this group of women. What kinds of words they're are going to use, what is that author going to say to hook these women in? I thought that I might be horrifically bored during the Hockey 101 Chalk Talk, but when I looked at the schedule, I saw that it was only for 30 minutes. I think I can stomach 30 minutes of the basic rules of the game. And who knows, the book might create some good topics for the off season. But the crème de la crème for me is going to be skating on the Staples Center ice, meeting Luc, and sitting in the 200 section for the game. And I will be rocking my heels, but more just because I'm short. =)

My letter to Hillary:

Hello Hillary,

I am emailing because I saw the Hockey and High Heels event on the official Kings website. I am interested in attending the event, but was curious about the demographic it is geared towards. It obviously is targeting an exclusive set of females who want to gain knowledge of the sport without having to deal with the testosterone generated by the male fans. My question is, would it be fine for someone like me to attend, who has been a loyal Kings fan since the late 80s? I am knowledgeable about the rules of the game but would like to be a part of this event. I'm excited that the Kings organization is branching out to a new audience.

If this is fine, I do have a friend (just as knowledgeable as I am) who might be interested in attending as well.


Her response:

Hi CKim,

Thanks for the email. You are MORE than welcome to attend. I’d like to get a great mix of women – knowledgeable about the sport, new to the sport, novice skaters, and experienced skaters – so that each woman can add something to the program. I think you’d be able to add a lot just by knowing the Kings history and asking great questions to help lead a discussion. I hope that you bring your friend along as well…I need to make this event a success in order to keep running events like this to make new fans and reach a new audience. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, and I look forward to meeting you on the 27th!

Hillary Hodding
Los Angeles Kings, STAPLES Center, Home Depot Center


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