One Of These Does Not Belong

Monday, November 12, 2007

Original post date: Friday, October 26, 2007

So I wasn’t able to watch the Oilers practice today. Not my fault, the Toyota Sports Center neglected to call me and inform me this morning that they were moving the practice time from 1:30 to 2. Bah. No matter, I’ll be seeing them tomorrow at the Staples Center. Anyway, I did find something yesterday about the Oilers that made me laugh. When I thought about who I wanted to look for on the ice, I realized that I didn’t really know who was on the team anymore. I don’t even know what Dustin Penner looks like. So I went on their official website and checked out their roster. I noticed right off the bat that the roster page was formatted differently from other sites I’ve seen. It looked like a cheesy yearbook spread. The guys on the team looked like your standard All-American farm boys or something. All-Canadian? Whatever, that’s not important. As I started to scroll down, I saw that there was definitely a picture that did NOT belong with the crowd. So much so that I couldn’t look at it for too long because I couldn’t control my laughter. So instead of routing you guys to the page (even though the effect is that much more pronounced), I’m just going to post it here.

Ladies and Gents, for your viewing (or laughing) pleasure, I give you Marc Pouliot:

Photo Courtesy of Edmonton Oilers

Update (11/15/07): When I clicked on the link routing you to the Oilers roster page, I noticed that Pouliot's mug was no longer there. Is he still on the roster? Did he get sent to the Minors? Hmm...


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