KingsCast - Episode 12: Post Season Blues

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KingsCast is out with another episode (12) titled "Post Season Blues" If you're not aware, I've joined the duo of Keith and Chris hoping to bring some hilarity and spice to the program. Hopefully this podcast helps to take away some of the summer minutes that seem to pile up when the pre-season is off in the distance.

You can go to this link or drop their RSS feed into your iTunes.


Where Irrationality and Calmness Butt Heads

Friday, June 12, 2009

Calm down everyone. It's just a rumor and will stay a rumor unless something happens on Draft Day in two weeks.

I know you're all bored and need some fodder for the next two weeks, but let's let rationality take over because the rumors are going to begin running rampant from here on out. The Stanley Cup will be awarded tonight and nothing is going on until the Draft, so the brain cells need some action.

Bottom line: Kings fans should first be focused on acquiring a forward, not a defenseman.


Really? You Think So?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What in Zeus' name is going on here? Trade rumors are rumors because they are founded on the speculation of someone who people will listen to. The problem is, this sometimes leads to ridiculous proposals that don't go anywhere but down the drain. One such writer (Eric Duhatschek) is dreaming up something that would never ever happen. I hate trade rumors, and this one takes some kinda cake. I'll actually talk about this one a little but I'm not even going to address what this would do the Kings salary cap for next season; instead, let's just look at why this would never happen.

[Dany Heatly] as coach Cory Clouston so gently put it – isn’t great defensively; and still has a lot to learn about playing in all three zones. Nor is there much of a physical presence in his game.

Soooo... an established player who disappears in the playoffs and whose coach doesn't think too highly of him. And what are the Senators wanting in return? Assuming they don't want to take back too much salary, a defenseman and a forward who can step into the lineup next season, a prospect or two, and a few picks? So the Kings get one player who would be a top-6 forward while losing at least a different top-6 player and part of the farm? That's a big fat no from yours truly.

The article continues on to state that the Kings should ALSO look into acquiring a one Daniel Briere from the Philadelphia Flyers. Nothing is negatively stated towards Briere (except contract numbers, which we are not discussing), but what would the Kings have to give up for the guy? Briere actually shows up in the playoffs, so ... maybe two or three roster players, a few prospects, and at least two picks?

So the Kings would acquire two players and lose (potentially) 3-4 roster players, 3-4 prospects, and 4-6 picks. Let's just file this back into fantasy land, mmkay?

UPDATE [12:30 pm PST]: Hahahaha, move along.


Another Candle!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Just taking a quick moment to wish myself and all those other June 8 babies a happy birthday!


Business As Usual

Friday, June 5, 2009

I went to my mailbox yesterday and found something hilariously awesome from the Kings. I am the proud owner (along with all of the other season ticket holders) of a Kings hockey puck that is actually a business card holder. I don't have my camera available at this point in time to take a picture, but I shall eventually and post it up when I can.

It's a little silly but pretty cool to get a trinket from the marketing team in the off season. Something to tide the masses over until Draft day arrives. I'll be doing some sort of analysis of what I think the Kings are going to be doing. I also have thoughts on other things as well; I just haven't had the time nor the energy to post regularly during the playoffs. I'm slacking, I know, but I'll get back on the horse soon enough!

Stay tuned, folks!


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