Hidden Gems - 2

Monday, November 12, 2007

Original post date: Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So the NHL Newsletter email beat me to announcing this find! This comes from NHL.tv. Over the weekend, I was scanning NHL.com for a link that looked interesting, which I had yet to read. I can’t remember now what it was exactly that I clicked on, but I hit a gold mine. From there I clicked on a folder titled “NHL Insider” and then saw “Player Profiles.” I thought, “What, pray tell, could this be?” I was hoping for something worthwhile and it did not disappoint. There were 27 roughly 3-minute clips of different players around the league of their lives off the ice.

I think I’ve actually come across this jackpot before but I can’t seem to recall any but two of the clips as being ones I’ve seen before. The first being of Rob Blake (OF COURSE) and the second being of Andy McDonald. I think KMS2 will know of why I’ve seen that one already. And I bet she's rolling her eyes RIGHT NOW. =) So I will attempt to give a little blurb of my favorites or of good lines and whatnot.

1) Dustin Penner (Right Wing) – Anaheim Ducks: What is that game they’re playing on the beach? Did he mention the name and I had just not heard it? It looks like Bocce ball? Anyway, I mention this clip because it’s him and some teammates and they talk about landing the ball by cute girls sunbathing. He says, “There’s a fine line between creepy and sexy and we walk that line everyday.” Props to Dustin for admitting the potential creepiness. I thoroughly enjoyed that scene and had a good chuckle as I clicked on the next clip.

2) Teemu Selanne (Right Wing)- Anaheim Ducks: It was quite a change to go from humorous to serious in one click. Teemu’s clip gave the viewer three minutes of insight into a private part of his life.

3) Rob Blake (Defenseman) – Los Angeles Kings: My favorite player sure is awesome! With his racks of surfboards at his house in Manhattan Beach. It’s amazing how close I’ve lived by him all my life and have never seen him in person. =( Maybe if I take up surfing I’ll eventually ride the same wave as him. Here’s to hoping.

4) Andy McDonald (Center) – Anaheim Ducks: He doesn’t like turkey. Even though he plays for a lame team, he's still a cutie.

5) Evgeni Malkin (Center) – Pittsburgh Penguins: I had no idea that he doesn’t speak any English! Gino? You need to lose some baby fat already! Toughen up that jawline!

6) Brenden Witt (Defenseman) – Dallas Stars: This was the funniest one because he was having so much fun at practice. Scoring one goal he yells out, “I OWN YOU!” And later after he scores another one, he screams, “I AM ON FIRE!!” I honestly love any guy who hilariously pats himself on the back. Ahh, good times.

7) Kirk Maltby (Left Wing) – Detroit Red Wings: Hard ass on the ice. Teddy bear at home with his daughter. What a cute clip. Is he married though? No mention of a wife.

8) Zdeno Chara (Defenseman) – Boston Bruins: This guy is fucking tall. He could probably deal with giving me and KMS2 a few inches of height.

9) Brad Richards (Center) – Tampa Bay Lightening: Ok, so out of the 27 clips that I watched, this was definitely one that I would not view again. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I don’t like wine, but did anyone else think this was a little weird? Brad, who knew that this was something that you enjoyed doing and not, say, off-roading like John Michael-Liles? Or reading to kids like Marty Turco? WTF, mate?

I am bummed that I watched that Brad Richards one last (I think) because it left a kind of sour taste in my mouth...maybe it was just because I wasn't expecting it... ANYWAY!!! I still think that this was a GEM OF A FIND. So go check it out and enjoy!


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