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Monday, November 12, 2007

Original Post date: Friday, September 28, 2007

So I guess I’ll try and introduce myself now. KMS2 and I have known each other since…7th grade I guess? We grew up watching our brothers’ roller hockey team dominate every team they stepped out on the rink with. It became apparent just how good they were when the officials in Lakewood, CA started implementing the mercy rule. This rule basically stated that if a team was ahead by ten goals, the game was over. Once this took effect, I don’t remember any game lasting the whole standard 45 minutes. Sad, isn’t it? This was also the rink where I remember encountering stupid puck bunnies for the first time. I distinctly remember this one time where we heard a girl say, “DON’T LET HIM TOUCH THE PUCK!!” Whereupon KMS2 and I looked at each other both thinking, “Dude, that girl is dumb.” Don’t let him touch the puck?!?! Are you kidding me? Get the fuck outta here.

So wait, wasn’t I supposed to be introducing myself? Ok ok, so I’m 25 and I like long walks on the beach…what…still not right? Alright. Fo realz. I grew up in sunny, coastal So Cal being a kid and watching a lot of hockey. Here’s a funny memory of when I was younger just to illustrate how long I’ve been exposed to the sport. I must have been in elementary school… but I had taken an afternoon nap and woken up (it must have been after 7:30), and I was EXTREMELY disoriented. The sun hadn’t set yet and I didn’t know if it was 7:30 AM or PM. So I get dressed for school (again) in my half-asleep stupor and walk out of my room. My brother is in the living room eating and watching a hockey game. I was so confused when I saw the game that I pointed at the tv and said, “wait…is it morning or night right now??” At the same time thinking that the Kings had never played this early in the morning. My brother definitely just looked at me and started laughing. Thanks.

Moral of the story: Afternoon naps can mess with your head.

So I’ve concluded that I don’t know how to introduce myself on this. How about you just ask me something and I’ll try to find a good answer.


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