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Monday, November 12, 2007

Original post date: Sunday, October 21, 2007

So around the start of the season I had heard just about the funniest discussion on a podcast to date. I don't think I'll be able to find it now, so I'll do a re-cap. It might be old news but the talk was and still is hilarious. This is ESPN's Joy Russo interviewing analyst E.J. Hradek who I think I might like over all of ESPN's analysts. Except the Mullet, of course.

Ok, this was a podcast where Hradek answered “10 burning questions for the 2007 NHL season.” Let me just say that it was nice to hear someone with good voice quality and I appreciated him not using too many buffer words. That shit can just get annoying after awhile. He had straight-to-the-point answers with good insight. Overall he had some listen-to worthy analysis, BUT I had to transcribe this one question and answer because it was too good to pass up. Now I know I've already done a post on Comrie and Duff, but you'll enjoy this, I promise.

Joy: “We've come to the tough part... I wanna know if you think Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff are going to last.”

Hradek: “Wow, that is the tough one....”

After some thought.....

Hradek: “you know, Joy, this is what I see. Stay with me on this. I see a kind of love triangle thing developing because I think Rick Dipietro is a good-looking fellow, he's a star goalie. He's got a lot of security, 15-year contract, I know that he's been seen a lot with Christie Brinkley.”

Joy (incredulous): “He's going to move in and take his teammate's girl??”

Hradek: “It's happened before. I'm thinking that we could perhaps see, especially if DiPietro gets off to a hot start, Comrie not scoring as much. (Slight pause) Women have known to be fickle.”

Joyce laughing.

Hradek: “That's all I'm saying. And I'll tell you one other thing. Maybe she likes the bright lights of Manhatten, for example. Henrik Lundqvist, another goaltender and attractive young fella. So maybe she makes a move over across the --”

Joy: “So you're saying the future is much more bright for Hilary than it is for Mike Comrie.”

Hradek: “No, Mike seems like a nice fellow but I gotta say this right now, maybe, you know, Hilary is... You know, she's a free agent...and, Mike is with the Islanders...”

So this last bit kind of ends the analysis of that and Joy moves on to another question. I was laughing so hard at this because I couldn't believe that Hradek was actually commenting on this seriously. It sounded like he had actaully thought about this before and had a real answer for the question. In any case, I thought it was hilarious that he didn't just laugh the answer off; he already had potential suitors lined up for the Duff.


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