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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

- Had dinner with KingsCast at the Royal Room. Thoughts: It was a little dark in there. It gave it a kind of "I'm too cool for school" ambiance. The food was good and you could definitely share one order of something with someone else.
- Sharks activate Cheechoo and the Kings scratch Cammy (ribs), Willsie (sucks), and Dallman (sucks and broke his foot). This is gonna bring some poor soul up from Manchester.
- Sharks start Carle, Rivet, Cheechoo, Thornton, Roenick (to resounding boos), and Nabokov
- Kings start JJ, Modry, Thornton (the not superstar one), Handzus, Giuliano, and Barbs
- No matter how much the Kings suck, the opening on-ice video and music presentation can always inspire me into thinking that the Kings could actually pull something off.
- When Crow's name was announced, the entire arena filled with boos. Really not surprising.

First Period:
- There were a couple of good hits thrown up in the opening minutes; Lubo is able to break through SJ's sloppy D.
- After a whistle Lubo and Goc get into a short but sweet slap fest and both get sent to the box. I think Goc wanted some cookies but Lubo wasn't willing to share. Each get 2 minutes for slapping.
- Did anyone else notice JJ taking a face off?
- Hey, guys, we're 3 minutes into this game and it already looks lifeless.
- JJ - HIT
- Preissing and Stuart - you guys could probably do better.
- Giuliano is forechecking like crazy 5 minutes in, but one guy working on his own isn't gonna get it done.
- A Shark almost gets annihilated by Blake's ass. =)
- Let me just remind everyone that Kopi's got some sweet ass moves.
- Goc just can't seem to stay away from Lubo. He's all over him and it looks like it's gonna be a long night, for Lubo, and hey, for us as well!
- Sharks Goal: Milan Michalek slaps it past Barbs at 9:02.
- At one point Kopi, Sully, and Brownie charge across the blue line and Kopi throws it up at Nabby who makes a solid glove save. Lesson from this moment: don't put it on Nabby's glove side.
- Sharks Goal: Joe Pavelski at 12:17 on a backhand from Marcel "I want some cookies" Goc.
- This marks SJ taking 9 shots resulting in 2 goals, which brings Aubin in net. Umm...

I'm sorry we suck so badly, Barbs.

- JJ breaks out and chases the puck into enemy territory. Even though Nabby makes the save, it was nice to see him being aggressive on those kinds of plays.
- JJ - HIT
- 5:30 - It appears that the Kings are shutting down SJ's offense and are taking some control of the neutral zone. This causes the Sharks revert to a dump-and-chase.
- 3:01 - Aubin! WOW! Good save!
- So the Kings don't have control of the neutral zone anymore and are lacking everything. This is where I wonder, "Hey guys, you're playing 5-on-5, right?"
- Sharks penalty on Rob Davidson for too many men. Sully tries for a sweet wraparound but can't stuff it past Nabby. JJ fans on a shot and a Shark grabs it for a break away. Score remains 2-0 because he shoots it high and wide.

End of the first period:
- You guys should really stop going glove side on Nabby. He's kinda grabbing everything.
- Nagy looks like he's figure skating out there.
- Sharks are up 2-0
- The smoking balcony is cold and filthy. Hear that KingsCast? Gross.

2nd Period:
- Kings are on the PK at 2:41, then it's 4-on-4 at 3:57, and then the Kings have a 5-on-3 for a little bit. The Kings were able to kill the first part of the first penalty against them; it was kind of boring, not gonna lie.
- But on that 5-on-3, way to NOT take advantage of that.
- Who is this Brad Stuart kid? What is your function? Conjunction junction?
- Kings Goal: Fro, way to take it to the net. Nabby blocks the shot but the rebound goes right to Blake (3) on the outside who slaps it home at 6:18.
- Sully - goes for a softy hit
- Brownie - HITx2
- Fro gave Matt Carle the behind
- There are some sloppy plays on display; one might even question if these are even "plays."
- JJ - HIT
- Ratti - HIT (Playing without the face shield; he's ready to be the resident pugilist again.)
- 10 minutes left - If the Kings were on a PK, I'd praise them for their hustle. But they ain't.
- Blake - HIT
- 6 minutes to go - Anze takes it up himself, through the neutral zone, across the blueline where he gets shut down. Good effort but no help from the teammates. Story of the season.
- Nagy loses the puck and gets leveled. Hey Sharks, don't you know this guy was injured? Leave him alone, jerks.
- 4:17 - (I am not creative so I'm going to use some well-know imagery here) The Sharks cut through the neutral zone and across the blue line like a heated knife through room temperature butter. We really should work on every aspect of our game.
- JJ & Thornton have some shit they need to work out, which draw penalties at 16:04 (JJ for cross checking and Thornton for roughing).
- Nagy is getting picked on hardcore. Rivet gets 2 minutes for elbowing, a 5 minute match penalty, and gets ejected for cross checking Nagy in the throat. Nagy sits 2 minutes for cross checking Rivet.
- I shouldn't have to say what you already know; the Kings need to stop passing so much. Period.

End of the second period:
- Stuart needs to be benched or something. He's sucking some major ass out there.
- Sully, being the stud that he is, is not playing up to par...gotta work on that.
- The second half of the period had an overall lack of focus and control from both teams.

3rd Period:
- Began this period with 2:something left on the match penalty and the Kings don't take advantage. Fro even got a good pass but hesitated a little too long and lost the shooting lane. Bah!
- A good opportunity came when Fro took it to the net at 17:20. Nabby stops it but has no idea where it is; he regains composure and stops any stuff attempt by the Kings.
- Giuliano has a spirited but unsuccessful forecheck.
- Sharks Goal: Milan Michalek tips it in at 3:24 in.
- At 5:23, the blade of Blake's stick somehow finds Ehrhoff's mouth and is called for high sticking.

There was a lot of this business going on.

- Giuliano gets rooooooooocked
- Question of the night: who do I trust less, Stuart or Vish?
- Side note: it might be worth going to Staples just for the highlight montages on the jumbo tron. They assure me that the Kings can't really suck this much.
- For a team at the bottom of the standings and who has said they're "desperate," they sure aren't playing "desperate hockey."
- 4:55 left - the shots are surprisingly even at 30 a piece.
- Holy hell, Carle gets called for slashing at 19:27, which leads to a Kings Goal by Vish (3) from the blue line.

End of the game:
- Kings 2, Sharks 3
- Has Crow just told Zeiler that he's not allowed to shoot the puck at the net? He's basically the "dump" of the "dump and chase" school of thought.
- What is with the Kings' inability to connect the stick to the puck??? Everybody's fanning out there!
- 8 losses in a row. So when's the bleeding going to stop exactly?

Just in case you've never seen the inside of the Staples Center


KingsCast Hockey Podcast December 27, 2007 at 1:24 AM  

I hear ya, Connie. I hear ya...

Teebz December 27, 2007 at 10:05 AM  

I'm telling you... run Crawford out of the state. He's a horrible coach. And an even worse motivator.

Kirsten December 27, 2007 at 10:47 AM  

Crawford is also an uncreative swearer. He just says the f-word over and over again. If you guys DO band together and run him out of California, give me a call, I'll make the trip down to help.

(You and KMS2 are turning me to the dark side, making me care even just a little bit about the Kings)

KQ949 December 27, 2007 at 12:56 PM  

The best part of the game for me was watching my daughter take a million photos of JJ. She got some good ones including a pissed-off look going into the tunnel at the end of the game.

Shout out to that annoying 11 year old shark fan that sat in front of us! I hope you tripped going up the stairs and you knocked all your bucked-teeth out!

Anonymous December 27, 2007 at 1:53 PM  

Re: "Baby Bernier" Talk:

What do you know? I forgot to stop the tape. Mad about Richard Park setting up Mike Cradlerobber, I mean Comrie, I guess?

May Youtube the Bernier talk, BUT there's another Kings Event being advertised. Perhaps I'll show the Leaf-King similarity in lame one handed poking at the puck as the other teams go by.. Some cute beer sipping chicks can show Mr Crawford, or the new coach?

Anonymous December 27, 2007 at 2:08 PM  

Btw: Interesting

We all watch those teams that turn their backs out at the boards to draw a penalty. Won't mention any names, like: Steve Bernier and the rage on for Alexander Radulov.

But no one raging on Craig Rivet for being an idiot????

Radulov got a game, Rivet should get same

CKim December 27, 2007 at 2:28 PM  

Teebz - I have no idea what's going on with management. But with Dallman out, they're gonna have to focus on who to bring up.

KQ - I love the shout out to the Sharks fan, haha. I can't believe they had such a loud chant going on by the end of the game! Ridiculous.

mr - Well Rivet got ejected for the cross to Nagy's throat. Or were you referring to another incident?

Kirsten - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don't come to LA!! We suck ass!

KQ949 December 27, 2007 at 7:20 PM  

And Stuart is my new whipping boy! Not only for that dance he did with Aubin last night (we HEARD Aubin give him direction from where we were sitting, so NO excuse) but for that HORRIBLE bleach job on his hair! He is my new "Sucky"!

Congrats to Modry! You no longer suck to me!

Kirsten December 27, 2007 at 8:17 PM  

Ok, I won't come to LA then. Maybe I'm the one causing you guys the karma by my partial fanship. I'd hate to be responsible for that.

CKim December 27, 2007 at 8:46 PM  

KQ - Yeah, that run in with Aubin was just pathetic. And I can't believe that you were close enough to hear Aubin! haha, awesome.

Kirsten - No wait, come to LA! We'll hang out and shoot the proverbial shit. The Kings can't afford to lose any fans!

Anonymous December 28, 2007 at 12:20 AM  

"Well Rivet got ejected for the cross to Nagy's throat."

Just being contrary. ;)
Didn't Ron Wilson whine, along with the media until Radulov got suspended? Good for the goose, and all that

Have to ask? Are you going to that Staples event on Jan 6 they're advertising? Your favourite player is there, but they named about 6 places. Did he say "Ontario"?

Anonymous December 28, 2007 at 12:42 AM  

"Shout out to that annoying 11 year old shark fan that sat in front of us! I hope you tripped going up the stairs and you knocked all your bucked-teeth out!"

I don't.
He needs to stay healthy. They'll need Caddies after the 1st round. =)

CKim December 28, 2007 at 8:17 AM  

Didn't Ron Wilson whine, along with the media until Radulov got suspended?

No idea, don't follow the Sharks.

Are you going to that Staples event on Jan 6 they're advertising?

You're talking about the Skills Competition being held at 7 different facilities throughout So Cal. The Championships will be held at Staples on Jan, 5th. There's a city here called Ontario. And no, I won't be attending, but it sounds like fun.

KMS2 December 28, 2007 at 1:58 PM  

Question of the night: who do I trust less, Stuart or Vish?

Stuart looked atrocious for almost the entire game. At least Lubi got a goal. I've been meaning to write about the game but have been too depressed to do so...I almost watched the replay of the game later that night but realized I would probably just start crying.

Kirsten December 28, 2007 at 8:03 PM  

You promised me good food if I came to LA, I'll come for that if nothing else. I'm working on gaining more knowledge about ny adopted/chosen west coast team. I only have one beef with the Kings, and that is that they seem to beat the Oilers a lot. I'm overcoming that fact because I adore Luc Robataille and Rob Blake. It doesn't hurt that I have found some awesome Kings fans to help me out. I figured I needed a team closer to school to follow a bit so that I had a chance to get some news about it.

CKim December 28, 2007 at 10:44 PM  

I'm working on gaining more knowledge about ny adopted/chosen west coast team.

And I'm totally noticing Minny.

I only have one beef with the Kings, and that is that they seem to beat the Oilers a lot.

I'd welcome a win against ANYONE at this point.

And I'm all about good food. Got to expand your Asian foods palate.

KMS - Yes, at least Vish got a goal. I'll give him that.

Anonymous December 29, 2007 at 12:11 AM  

"I'd welcome a win against ANYONE at this point."

As much as I hate to say it...you'll probably be a happy gal on Jan 10th @7:30pm

And if not? At least you have injuries to blame it on

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