What Does It Mean To Be Out Of The Playoffs?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It means I don’t have to pay for playoff tickets.

It means I don’t have to pay for atrocious parking rates.

It means I don’t have to listen to the kids in the nearby seats screaming their heads off and who have an aura of “gross” surrounding them.

It means I don’t have to pay for any playoff memorabilia that I may want.

It means watching all the rounds from my TV.

It means having to hear other commentators instead of Bob Miller and Jim Fox.

It means being away from the Staples Center for a few months.

It means waiting for the UFAs and FAs to be re-signed or sent on their respective ways.

It means closely following the Manchester Monarchs in their playoff run.

It means I have the Entry Draft to look forward to.

It means I have a vested interest in what free agents are signed.

It means wondering which of the Monarchs are going to make their move to Los Angeles.

It means looking forward to training camp.

It means looking forward to Frozen Fury XI in Vegas next pre-season.

In the end: it means being a typical, yet die-hard, Kings fan.


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